NaeSmyth Genealogical Society

'Non Arte Sed Marte'

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Naesmyth NaeSmyth Naismyth Nasmith Naesmith Naysmith NeSmith NesSmith Nessmith NeeSmith Nesmith Nasmyth
    The NaeSmyth Genealogical Society was conceived on the 30th of November 1983.  We are a society of many kin working together to research our ancestors and to bring all of the family lines up to date and keep them up to date. 
    The striving purpose of this Society is to code number and keep a Master File on each Kin within their Pedigree Line.  Each descendant has their own individual code number that will tell you the Pedigree Line of that person. 
    NaeSmyth, the original surname spelling has been changed to many variations.  the most common spelling in the United States is NeSmith or Nesmith, with some Nessmith's, NesSmith's, NeeSmith's, and Naismith's.
    We have an annual meeting held in Statesboro, Georgia each May.  Please see the News & Events tab for further information.  Bonnie Gay is the President of the NaeSmyth Genealogical Society and one of it's founding members.  We encourage all of our cousins and kin to consider joining this Society and participate in our research efforts.  Annual dues are $13.00 for an individual and $18.00 for a couple.  The Society also has copies of NaeSmyth Descendants of Georgia (commonly referred to as the "Red Book") available for purchase for $48.00, which is a book compiled by John W. NesSmith and contains a wealth of information about our family.  Please contact Bonnie Gay at if you would like more information. 

Naesmyth NaeSmyth Naismith Naismyth Nasmith Naesmith Naysmith  NeSmith NesSmith Nessmith Neesmith NeeSmith Nesmith Nasmyth